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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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New Assisted Living facilities destined for Mesquite
Posting Date: 10/23/2013

By Barbara Ellestad

Quick meetings of the Mesquite City Council are becoming common place lately and Tuesday’s meeting fit right in with that.

Only two resolutions and one zoning item were considered by the Council. A third resolution approving local hiring on Fuel Tax Indexing projects was pulled from the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

The Southern Nevada Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) requested the Council approve the Fuel Tax Indexing resolution. However, Cheryl Hunt, Mesquite City Attorney, announced at Tuesday’s meeting that the resolution under consideration conflicted with a resolution the Mesquite City Council approved several months ago and so it was removed. The earlier one supported the fuel-tax indexing only if the continuation of the tax was placed on the voting ballot in the next election and voters were allowed to decide whether to continue it.

Up to $700 million in new bonds issued by RTC under the provisions of the new additional fuel tax will pay for road projects throughout southern Nevada. No projects are yet scheduled for the Mesquite area under the fuel tax provisions.

A resolution to sunset the City of Mesquite Charter Drafting Committee was approved Tuesday by the Council. The Committee first convened in February 2007. A Charter Draft was presented to the City Council in July 2008 although it was never adopted. The Committee has not met since then.

A resolution declaring October 27 to November 5 as National White Ribbon Against Pornography in Mesquite was adopted by the City Council.

A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) was easily approved without comment for the Beehive Homes Assisted Living Facility on Second South Street near Riverside Road.

The facility was originally

given the go-ahead in December 2011 but because Beehive Homes did not start construction within one year the CUP expired.

Councilman Kraig Hafen asked John Willis, City Development Services Department, how soon the facility would begin construction this time around. “As soon as this is approved, they intend to pull building permits and begin construction,” Willis replied.

The facility will have two separate buildings each with 15 assisted living units, a kitchen area, laundry facilities and a great room. Each building is projected to be 7,866 square feet.

Residents will have private sleeping rooms and share a common dining room.

During the Mayor’s comment period, Mark Wier offered the City’s sympathy to Monday’s shooting victims at a Sparks Nevada middle school. Michael Landsberry, a math teacher at Sparks Middle School was shot by a Seventh grade student and later died.

“To the family of Michael Landsberry we offer our heartfelt thanks. He is the definition of a hero. We salute him for sacrificing his life to ensure the safety of the children whose lives were in peril. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of the victims and their families tonight. May God bless you and comfort each of you.”

Don Woodmancy, coordinator for the Mesquite Police Department volunteer organization, briefed the City Council on recent activities of the volunteers.

He said the volunteer force has grown to 26, up from 17 last year. They have provided 4,119 hours so far this year assisting the regular Police force for a value of $91,195.

The Animal Shelter has 30 volunteers who have provided 3,144 hours of free assistance this year. Woodmancy said that the Shelter value of volunteer hours equals $69,608.

For other comments made by the public, see the video below.


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